EMSC offers a wide range of products to suit your needs for research grade and other applications that use wide spectrum light sources. Below you will find a complete list of lamps and the corresponding EMSC power supplies linked to specific pages describing them in detail.

EM600ds dedicated xenon switcher New Product!
, The power supply is designed specifically for use in OEM illumination applications operating most xenon lamps up to 600 Watts. It feature high efficiency, small size, light weight and power factor correction.

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Xenon, Xenon-Mercury, and Mercury Short-arc Lamps


Our standard products

35 to 300 Watts 350 to 1000 Watts 1200 to 3000 Watts
The lamp operating conditions, power,current and voltage, are shown in bold with the power supplies suitable to operate the lamp listed below. To the right of the list, you will find links to alternative ways of learning more about our products.

EM180ds.jpg (232246 bytes)
180 Watt xenon LPS for OEM applications

EM300ds - 300 Watt xenon OEM

300 Watt xenon LPS for OEM applications

EM320ulEM320ul - Linear 350 Watt LPS
Linear type 350 Watt Lamp Power Supply



Xenon short-arc lamps

Xenon-mercury short-arc lamps
Mercury short-arc lamps
Ceramic compact xenon lamps
EM520ul - 500 WAtt universal linear
  linear type 500 Watt Lamp Power Supply
EM350xs - 350 Watt xenox switcherEM350xs switcher type 350 Watt xenon Lamp Power Supply


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