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EM180ds, a switch-mode type power supply designed specifically for OEM applications powering Xenon Arc Lamps.

  • Very high regulation
  • Noise only150 mVpeak to peak
  • Meets UL, CSA, TUV, VDE and CE standards
  • Automatic or manual lamp start
  • Integral igniter

Our new line of switch-mode lamp power supplies use high frequency switching technology to achieve compact size as well as unparalleled performance and reliability.

The EM180ds designed specifically for use in OEM applications that use and are dedicated to short arc xenon lamps in the 35 to 180 Watt range. Remote control and monitor capability makes it ideal for completely automated design implementation. Addition of safety features we provide will make your system even more user friendly.

The EM180ds feature extremely high performance - less than 0.2% stability after warm-up. Noise measure less than 150 mV peak to peak, ripple is less than 0.1% and line and load regulation is less than 0.5%. This superior performance extends lamp life and reduces arc wander.



Current or power control is factory preset to the lamp nominal value. Intensity control can be readjusted with a 20 turn pot and can be remotely controlled with an opto-isolated proportional voltage. This control can also be used in an optical feedback function.


Igniter produces positive 25 KV pulse of 30ns duration on the positive output terminal. Lamp anode must be isolated from ground and negative output and must withstand at least 30 KV. Time out function disables ignition pulse if the lamp does not start within 5 sec. Igniter is detachable and can be relocated closer to the lamp.


Power Factor Correction circuit automatically selects input voltage. Power supply is protected with an internal thermostat if sufficient cooling is not used.


  • Lamp Current monitor
  • Igniter Control
  • Remote Current Control
  • Lamp On Indicator
  • Interlock Shutdown
  • Auxiliary 12V output at 1 Amp.


Uses 6 pin header connector.
The Auxiliary 12V is isolated from main output.
All functions are opto-isolated and referenced to Auxiliary.




AC Input:



Power Output:


Output Current:


Output Voltage:


Auxiliary Voltage:


Pre-ignition Voltage:


Ignition Voltage:


95-130 VAC/3A 190-260 VAC/1.5A 50/60 Hz


35-180 Watts


1 to 16 ADC


Lamp dependent 10 to 26 VDC


12 VDC, 1 A Max.


<100 VDC


25 KV


Typical Line Regulation:



Load Regulation:








Ripple with Resistive Load:


Max. Operating Temp.:







<0.5% change over 95-130 or 190-260 VAC


< 0.5% change of 50% load change


<0.2% Lamp Current after 1 hour warm-up


< 150 mV peak to peak from 50Hz to 600 KHz


< 0.1% RMS (20 Hz to 50 kHz



40o C


2.2 lb. ( 1.0 kg)


6.0 x 4.5 x 2.5 in.
(152 x 114 x 64 mm)




Lamp Compatibility

Xenon Short Arc Lamps: 35W, 75W, 150W(7.5A), 150(8.5A) Watts.

Xenon Ceramic Compact Arc Lamps: 150W, 175 Watts.


If this product isn't quite what you need ask our application engineers for a solution by filling out an Application Request or by calling EMSC directly at 1-203-268-5101. Small modifications to our standard products or custom designs to your specifications are welcome. We provide solutions to your special light requirements.

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