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EMSC provides highly stable, low noise light sources and light controlling devices for optical spectroscopy, microlithography, photolithography, uv-vs-ir detectors, chromatography, medical instruments, physics research and other related applications.Visit the Products Area for an overview of what we offer, and if you are uncertain about which product may be for you, why not make an Application Request?

News  We have moved!

To better serve our customers we have moved to a bigger facility and better location. Please notice our new address in Shelton, CT. We also have new phone and fax numbers which are shown at the bottom of this page.


New products
EM3000xs - 3000 Watt xenon switcher smallnew.gif (926 bytes)EM3000xs operates xenon lamps up to 3000 Watts. Switched mode design is highly regulated, current or power controlled.
EM1000ul - 1000 Watt universal linear ps smallnew.gif (926 bytes)EM1000ul, Latest version of 1000 Watt full range lamp power supply featuring state of the art linear design and PC interfacing.
Parallel Interface
This option for the EM1000ul lamp power supply adds a PC based remote control and monitoring capability. See the
Options and Accessories page of the new EM1000ul.

EM520hs - mercury switcher

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)EM520hs is a new switched-mode mercury lamp power supply. Designed to operate,  200W, 350W and 500W, the thee most popular mercury short-arc lamps.

EM320ul - 350 Watt universal linear
smallnew.gif (926 bytes)EM320ul is designed for extremely demanding research applications to power xenon, mercury and xenon-mercury short-arc lamps in the 35 to 350 Watts range.

Our new Full Line Catalog is now available. It includes complete product information. And it's free!

Featured Products

EM350xs - 350 Watt xenon switcher

EM350xs is a switcher that operates xenon mercury and xenon-mercury arc lamps in the 35 to 350 Watt range. Compact size is ideal where space is critical.

EM520xs - 500 Watt xenon switcher

EM520xs operates 150 to 500Watt xenon short-arc lamps. This switched-mode design delivers exceptional performance suitable for research type applications.                             

EM520ul - 500 Watt universal linear
EM520ul is a linear type lamp power supply designed especially for very demanding research applications. It operates xenon, mercury and xenon-mercury lamps in the range of 50 to 500 Watts.

Rack Mounting
The rugged, rack mounting brackets are available for all our lamp power supplies. The Ordering Information page for each product has the right bracket.
Which product is for you?
Which product is right for you? An application engineer has the answer. Fill out an Application Request today!

Visit the Products Area for more information
on the EMSC light controlling  products.





About EMSC Products

EMSC, LLC light controlling devices are designed for high performance and reliability.

Looking for high quality light sources research grade and low noise lamp power supplies? EMSC can provide a solution!

But do we have a product that's right for you? Our application engineers can provide the answer. Send them the requirements for your application, and our trained professionals can help you find the solution to your needs. Fill out an Application Request today!
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