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EM500xl The EM500xl, a linear type power supply, is designed specifically for use with short arc xenon lamps in the 250 to 500 watt range. The  innovative linear design eliminates the concern for high frequency noise propagating to other electronic components. Its superior performance is preferred for demanding research applications.



The Ultimate Short-Arc LPS

Research Grade Performance

The EM500xl features research grade performance - less than 0.1% stability after warm-up. Noise and ripple measure less than 0.05% r.m.s. Line and load regulation is less than 0.1%. This superior performance is the best regulation in the industry; and it extends lamp life and reduces unwanted arc wander. See the Specifications page.

Safety Agency Compliance

The EM500xl is designed to comply with most world safety agency standards. For additional safety, we feature a unique interlock system which addresses numerous safety concerns.

Reliability and Quality Standards

The EM500xl is designed to perform under extreme conditions. Each power supply is burned in at an elevated temperature and line voltage for 24 hours, and is put through an exhaustive quality inspection before being released for shipment. This reliability is backed with our one-year warranty.

Easy to Operate

To operate the EM500xl simply plug in the detachable IEC 320 C-13 power chord to standard ac lines. Plug the lamp fan to the outlet provided and high voltage cables to the appropriate lamp terminals. Set the locking control clockwise for 25 Amps if the 450 Watt lamp. Turn power on and wait ten seconds for the preignition voltage to build up, and then press start switch. The lamp will start. The actual lamp current can be monitored on pin 5 and 6 of the remote circular connector. This same connector possesses input pins to control the lamp current with a voltage source or a device such as our optional Optical Intensity Controller as described in the Options and Accessories page.

Our Capabilities

With over three decades of experience in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and spectrophotometry, we understand the requirements necessary to make our products truly research grade. Each unit delivers dependable, high performance allowing you to focus on your results.

If this product isn't quite what you need ask our application engineers for a solution by filling out an Application Request or by calling EMSC dirrectly at 1-203-924-1665. Small modifications to our standard products or custom designs to your specifications are welcome. We provide solutions to your special light requirements.

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EM500xl | Lamp Compatibility | Features | Specifications | Options and Accessories | Ordering Information |

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