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EMSC provides light controlling devices and highly stable and low noise light sources  for optical spectroscopy, microlithography, photolithography, uv-vs-ir detectors, chromatography, medical instruments, physics research and other related applications.

EMSC, LLC offers a wide variety of products, from the power capabilities of 35 Watts to 3000Watts and the low noise research grade linear type to the light weight switch-mode light sources fully controlled with a PC or dedicated to a particular task.

With over three decades of experience in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and spectrophotometry, we understand the requirements necessary to make our products truly research grade. They are manufactured to the highest of standards. Each unit delivers dependable, high performance, allowing you to focus on your results.

EMSC, LLC light controlling devices are designed for high performance and reliability.

Looking for high quality light sources research grade and low noise lamp power supplies? EMSC can provide a solution!

EMSC Products

Our philosophy is to offer only the best research grade products to customers in the spectroscopy, microlithography, photolithography, uv-vis-ir detection, chromatography, medical instrumentation and physics research industries.
We provide solutions to your special light requirements.

Our products are built to perform under extreme conditions. Each power supply is burned in at an elevated temperature and line voltage for 24 hours, and must meet our exhaustive quality inspection before being released for shipment. The exceptional reliability is backed by extensive warranty.

Our instruments are designed to comply with most world safety agency standards. For additional safety, we feature a unique interlock system which addresses numerous safety concerns.

Computer-Based Light Control

All of EMSC products can be controlled with a PC whether with our optional embedded microcontroller, optional Parallel Interface controller or utilizing analog and digital inputs and outputs provided on the remote connector.

Embedded MicroController option utilizes PC/104 buss making it expandable to use numerous accessories available for it. With this option microprocessor has a total control over the whole system controlling lamp light output, lamp temperature, interlocking, power supply monitoring and customer defined functions. Utilizing RS232 it communicates information to the outside world.

Optional Parallel Interface makes it possible to use the power supply remotely. All the front panel functions and some that are not available from the front panel are accessible from PC-based Windows type visual interface.

Using rules provided in the manual end user can  customize control of the power supply to his liking.

Research & Development

EMSC has created a highly motivated and talented team of hardware and software engineers committed to excellence and great sense of pride in the results of their efforts. EMSC has acquired core expertise in the design of high performance, research grade light controlling devices.



Advertising, public relations and customer support are the foundations for EMSC marketing efforts. Besides having excellent products, we have developed a diversified array of marketing and sales tools to strengthen its leadership position.

EMSC publishes a yearly printed product catalog as well as full line catalog. EMSC also publishes a quarterly newsletter . The " is a EMSC newsletter which provides information on new products and application notes to all  customers, prospective customers as well as to important trade publications. EMSC’s customers, for example, contribute to the newsletter by writing application notes.

In 1999 EMSC established a World Wide Web site at and has received thousands of sales inquiries via this increasingly important sales channel.


Many of EMSC's customers are high profile industry leaders from around the globe and in such diverse fields as: electronics design; manufacturing; research; and education. EMSC customers include such high profile industry leaders as:

EMSC’s customers, whether they are helping design products for the Space Shuttle or whether they’re conducting highly complex neurological research, are very discriminating  in their instrument purchases.

In the United States, EMSC sells directly to end users. In addition, EMSC has developed a national independent sales representative organization throughout the United States in order to provide more extensive presence in this important market.

Customer Support

EMSC has a team of dedicated customer support specialists who are ready to answer all question in a timely and informed manner.

The foundation of EMSC's reputation lies in our prompt attention to customer needs, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction.

EMSC can also  be contacted directly by calling 1-203-268-5101 or faxed at 1-203-268-5144. Customers may also contact EMSC via e-mail at and at our web site at

Strategic Relationships and
OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) represent a major growth opportunity. EMSC has forged strategic relationships with major customers by either customizing EMSC products to the customer's demanding technical specification and/or by providing the added support required by these volume accounts.

OEMs work with EMSC on a long term basis because they need a reliable, long term strategic supplier who will provide the required product and support.

OEMs such as microlithography equipment manufacturers, are actively incorporating EMSC products in their facilities.

EMSC's OEM Statement

"We value our OEM customers. We will work closely with them, customizing our product, if necessary. We will do our utmost to make sure that OEMs can complete their projects on-time. If OEMs run into problems they will be able to call  and get support from the same engineers who designed the products.

OEMs will be able to gain time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars.

This OEM friendly policy is why we have so many OEM customers around the world."

- Andrew Krzywosz, President


Customer service is a fundamental importance to EMSC. Customers make an investment in trust as well as product when they buy from EMSC, and trust must always be maintained.

Customer service begins when EMSC designs and manufactures each of its products. EMSC designs its products with quality and service as basic parameters. Ridged tolerances are used, only the best quality parts are purchased, professional quality assemblers assemble the parts and ridged testing is applied.


EMSC is located at 2009 Summer Street, Suite 201, Stamford, Connecticut, 06905, USA.

For More Information

If you would like more information, send email to or call EMSC, LLC directly at 1-203-268-5101. You can also fax us at 1-203-268-5144.


2009 Summer Street, Suite 201
Stamford, CT, 06905, USA
Telephone: 1-203-268-5101
Fax: 1-203-268-5144
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