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EMSC, LLC Releases New 1000 Watt LPS

Model EM1000ul

Optional Intel Based Embedded MicroController


WALLINGFORD, CT - December 1, 1998 - - EMSC, LLC, a world class designer and manufacturer of light controlling devices, is pleased to introduce the EM1000ul - the 1000 watt universal, linear power supply for short arc lamps. Our philosophy is to offer only the best research grade products to customers in the spectroscopy, microlithography, photolithography, uv-vis-ir detection, chromatography, medical instrumentation and physics research industries.
We provide solutions to your special light requirements.


Product Description


The universal type EM10000ul is designed specifically for use with most short-arc xenon, mercury, and xenon/mercury lamps ranging from 250 to 1000 watts. Its innovative linear design eliminates any concern for high frequency noise being propagated to other electronic components. Other important features are:

  • Research grade performance

  • Power or current controlled

  • Designed to comply with world

  • State of the art single pulse ignitor

  • safety agency standards

  • Controlled with integral automatic

  • Reliability backed with a two-year warranty

  • capabilities or with a PC

  • Optional Optical Intensity Controller

Research Grade Performance

The EM1000ul features less than 0.1% stability after warm-up. Noise and ripple measures less than 0.05% RMS. Line and load regulation is less than 0.1%. This superior performance is the best regulation in the industry, and it extends lamp life and reduces unwanted arc wander.

Safety Agency Compliance

The EM1000ul is designed to comply with most world safety agency standards. For additional safety, we feature a unique interlock system which addresses numerous safety concerns.

Reliability and Quality Standards

The EM1000ul is designed to perform under extreme conditions. Every power supply is burned in at an elevated temperature and line voltage for 24 hours, and must pass a rigorous quality inspection.

Utmost in Flexibility

Start the lamp automatically when power to the supply is applied or manually after the preignition voltage is at maximum. The single-pulse ignitor can be an integral part of the power supply or detached and connected by our special cable that eliminates any power drop. Control either the lamp power or current from the front panel or remotely by computer.

Options and Accessories

Inquire about the many options and accessories, such as embedded microprocessor controller and serial communication using RS232 to monitor conditions and control all power supply functions. With an optical feedback, light intensity can be maintained through the life of the lamp.


AC Input: 95-130 VAC/20A
  190-260 VAC/10A
Dc Power Output: 250 - 1000 Watts
Max. Output Current: 50 A
Ripple with Resistive Load: <0.05% RMS
  20 HZ to 50 kHZ
Light Ripple: <0.1% RMS
Line Regulation: 0.1% change over
  95-130 VAC or
  190-260 VAC
Load Regulation: 0.1% change of 50% load
Pre-ignition Voltage: >125 Vdc
Output Voltage: Lamp dependent up to 70 V
Max. Operating Temp: 40 C
Weight: 70 lb. (35 kg)
Dimensions: 6.25 x 14.5 x 16.0 in.


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