For OEMs

If you answered yes to these questions, an EMSC product could suit your needs.

What is an OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturers are customers who incorporate one or more of EMSC’s products into their end product and resell the complete system to end-users. If you want to know if our products will suit your application give us a call to arrange a meeting.

EMSC's OEM Statement

"We value our OEM customers. We will work closely with them, customizing our product, if necessary. We will do our utmost to make sure that OEMs can complete their projects on-time. If OEMs run into problems they will be able to call  and get support from the same engineers who designed the products.

OEMs will be able to gain time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars.

This OEM friendly policy is why we have so many OEM customers around the world."

- Andrew Krzywosz, President

Why do OEMs use our precision light systems?

EMSC’s proven leadership in spectroscopy technology means that OEMs get the best product there is on the market.

With every single product being tested, burnt-in and retested before getting the seal of approval from EMSC’s quality Control department, OEMs are guaranteed a quality product, every time.

Conservative Specifications
EMSC’s specifications are based on conservative measurements of parameters over a number of products. Our specifications are always conservative, allowing OEMs to depend on our product to do what it is supposed to.

Reliability is our number one concern! We know that OEMs cannot live with products which fail in the field.

While EMSC’s products are designed to serve a great number of applications, we realize that some customers may need a modified version of our product. With EMSC’s customized product OEMs can get exactly what they want without exorbitant engineering fees.

Tech Support
When OEMs use EMSC products, they have direct support from our design engineers. Management has recognized the importance of this type of support for our OEMs and has set aside a certain part of the engineers’ time for OEM support.

Want to know more?

Contact EMSC and ask for information on how to get our products on OEM basis.


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